In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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I remember the day Bobby Kennedy was shot. I also sadly recall the day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was shot. His “I have a dream” speech influenced me to become a teacher. I taught with a dream that everyone was equal. I didn’t cater to the educational process of teach boys and teach girls, I taught children all the same. I was probably ahead of my time, but the sad thing for me is my time is still probably not yet here.

  • Woman are equal
  • All children are the same as far as where they should start their educational process
  • We should all start from the same place

I’ve been working on a book called “The Syncverse” for awhile now. Hopefully (and soon) I will finish it.  Part of the concept of that book (you can find more information if interested here and also here) comes from my days as a teacher. I worked in a challenged school when I started out (not a poor school, I don’t think that’s fair but challenged). I realize now that the school I taught at was challenged because my children go to a school that isn’t challenged. If the teacher in my kids school asks for a volunteer they get 10. When I was teaching, if I asked for a volunteer and was lucky enough to have one of the stronger families kids in it I would get a volunteer. It isn’t the parents fault. It isn’t the teacher’s fault. When kids start out at the bottom of the well it is much harder for them to ever see the light of learning.

It began my run as the founder of the Society of Dead Teachers. A group founded on the concept of an equal education for all.  It drives my passion today working with IASA to build a system to educate architects. It is what has driven me to write the Syncverse, a passion for equality and a dream that we may all have a chance.

As I mentioned in my Syncverse Essay this morning Dr. King’s vision had a timeline (his children and in his lifetime) figure at the most 30 years from 1969 so we’ve missed the initial deadline. But unlike JFK’s great push to the moon at any cost I am not sure anyone is running with this vision right now. There have been trillions of dollars invested in building up a global military system. We rush to the aid of a country when a disaster hits, but do we help them really improve their overall education system? Do we freely give the information they need to be successful?

Eugene Debs once said as long as there is a lower class, I am in it. Dr. King asked us to dream a time when his children would be judged not by the color of their skin (or their gender or for that matter ANYTHING) but instead be judged by the contents of their minds (and hearts). Who is tasked by the world with getting this done?



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