The plaintive cries of the unshorn horse

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Find me a way home

in the darkness

as the wind cold

swirls around you

you struggle with the lock.

The metal is cold,

and unforgiving

reminding you of January 1987

and September 2003


Whispering to avoid the cold

your fingers turn quietly inward

bending around themselves for warmth

tucking inside themselves and

forgetting how to tie shoes

and lace boots

to sit in a quiet dark hole

and me with no way home

a lock struggling against my freezing fingers

refusing to let go

cold unforgiving metal

reminding me of pain from long ago…

let me go

you scream into the wind

swirling around you

but in the darkness and shadows

even your voice is gray

as it slides down the metal

cold to the touch

and reverberates in the empty silence of the swirling wind.

Soon there will be no I

to let go;

as you sink to the ground

September 2003 overwhelming you

the storm overtaking you

and the tears

like rivers of blood

pour to the ground and freeze.



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