Look beyond today…




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In search of a safe place to drink. It seems at times that life presents us with opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities are constrictive and lock us into where we are. Sometimes these opportunities are uplifting and help us become what we want to be. They are there, these opportunities. They lurk at times in our dreams, awakening us to the potential in front of us. Sometimes they are in the shadows laughing behind our backs as we tumble and fall. It is part of being human that we strive for new opportunities and dreams.

Sometimes these opportunities lock us into the world around us in a way that doesn’t make us comfortable. As if there was an ether that binds us to where we are. That ether can have positive and negative energies and those energies wall around us creating a distance and separation from where we are.

I wonder at times about that energy. It contains so much of what we see and do, but so little of who we are. Can we be contained in that vial of energy that flows around us? Are we limited by the energy or even defined by that energy? Or are we more? I would vote personally that we are more than the positive or negative energy that binds us in place. That we can rise above where we are to achieve greater things than allowed by the energy that binds us. We can be free as long as we assimilate the energy and bind it to things that are transient within us. Bound by energy within us to moments beyond the energy that binds us to the day and hour. It is an extension of where we are as humans and an extension of each of us as a person. Achieving the energy that frees us rather than living within the energy that binds us.

Looking to the day, rather than today.



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