Why has eBay begun the long descent into poor service and too many fees?




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What does honesty mean?

Recently I’ve noticed a change in the behavior of people in particular in regards to eBay. eBay itself has changed a lot lately – going from an organization that was focused on helping people clean out their closest to a highly fee based profit center that lives in some sort of consumer protection process.

  • The advertisement on eBay you bid on, is what the seller is selling. If it is not what you want, don’t bid on it.
  • The saying (which eBay has forgotten is caveat emptor, or let the buyer be ware. See above.
  • The fees on eBay get worse every year. What am I actually paying for as a seller, web site space?
  • Buyers have changed a lot, they are less likely to read the ad (see first bullet) and more likely to complain.
  • Buyer don’t leave feedback anymore. I’ve left feedback on 100% of the things I’ve purchased on eBay. Although I have to say that other than selling items online, I don’t use eBay as much anymore due to the issues.

It really makes me sad. I’ve been selling stuff online for many years (started out in the old AOL forums more than 15 years ago, moved to Yahoo and now Ebay). I’ve had six customers complain, ever. I’ve worked to rectify those situations as quickly and as effectively as possible. I just think that honesty, customer service and loyalty are all terms that are assailed now.

I will probably have to cancel my eBay account soon. The frustration is spilling over into my blog.



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