Songs, poems and other expressions of the human condition

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Can it be that it was all so simple then? Or has time rewritten every line?


I should have never blogged about song lines stuck in my head. They are still stuck in my head and floating around and there are a few more than I wrote down before. Why is that? Why do certain lines of music connect with you so well that you end up keeping them in your head?

Or someone hums, says or sings the song and suddenly it is stuck in your head. You can’t stop singing the song yourself. It sticks in your head. You end up working it into a conversation with someone and then they are stuck on the same thing as you.

Why is that?

I suspect if you think about it, songs are today what poems and songs were 200 years ago. There wasn’t a radio so we didn’t often have an opportunity to hear the song, but the poem could be read aloud by anyone. Songs and Poems have a lot in common. They are aural and oral expressions of language meant to bring us to a vision or meaning.  A literature professor once said to me “the written words of songs, and poems are expressions of the human condition in small digestible bites.”

Time to get rolling today!



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