The lost sailors rowing to their wives waiting at home

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Just keep rowing

as though

the water pouring into

the sinking boat

wasn’t enough motivation

the captain kept shouting

“just keep rowing.”

and we did

making a foot of headway

and losing an inch of boat deeper

into the mysterious sea that surrounded us


and yet

not alive

the sea ebbed and flowed

giant waves rocking us

but not to a peaceful good nights sleep

giant waves rocking us

shouting captain extoling us

We push onward into the night

but we lose more boat than ground

we gain

each wave

a little more

water into the sinking boat

each oar

grabbing water and

pushing it behind us

gaining ground

but losing the war

we struggle mightily

“keep rowing”

the captain shouts

shortening his exhortation as

time now short

lingers in the air around us

like a lost puppy

droopy eyes and

sad reminder

of what we do not know


now with water crashing over the gunwale

will never know

we row

into the depths

never stopping

on the journey to hell.



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