What instrument does the Penguin play?




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I watch the penguins play

the grainy video seems cold and distant

yet the penguins seem almost to frolic

on my desk

making me smile

they do loop-de-loops

in the water

and struggle walking on the ice,

as I do

the ice beneath seeming to move

with ever step

while my foot in the air

plunges downward

to an ever changing venue

unlike the penguins

I trip and fall

prolong in the snow


look at me laughing

pointing their

handless flippers

waving them in the air

“look at the fool, look at the fool” they squeal in penguin

a language

as hard to learn

as it is to comprehend

but I can read the flapping flippers

the beaks in the ever so tiny smile

as I lay in the snow

watching the penguins play…



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