What more than fish can you fish for?




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There by the dock

just past the bridge

where I am standing

two old men fishing

their poles leaning toward the water

their caps pulled

low over their eyes

I stood

above on the bridge

watching the water go by

watching the men fish

but there was nothing to catch

or perhaps they

were not trying their

eyes closed

their hats low

pulled down over

ears that covered

could not hear

the fish

shouting at them

“catch me”

“no me”

one so bold

jumping into the lap of the man on the right

who looked down

and smiled at the fish

I heard his whisper even from my perch

“I am not fishing for fish

my little friend”

as he placed the fish back into the water and

it swam away.

Why would men fish for something other than fish

by the bank of the river

with their caps pulled low.

What is they fish for?

I watched the sun fall

from the sky

its day job done

it slid into night

and I wondered

what was it the

fisherman sought?



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