The transfixed glare of the blue eyed man

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His eyes



a piercing blue

not ears or noses

or even tongues

but through you

to the core of you

and then showing

so much more

his eyes a map to the places he had been once

each mountain climbed, each river


his eyes piecing to the heart

of the conversation

and then leading it

down a river

to a place none of us had been

but we could see

through his piercing eyes

that this was not a happy place

the wind whispering in our ears

as his eyes whirled us through the air

towards some mystic


place of rocks and loss

the map fading

we could not find out way home

It was here

his eyes said

as we looked around

on barren plateau of rock

that held nothing

no roots that could gain purchase

or mighty trees leaning with wind

simply five souls

and a set of piercing eyes

seeking something


not knowing

not understanding

what was sought


worst of all

how to get home.



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