The last Starbucks on the road to a brave new world

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The snow

like tiny swords cutting through the air

writing small cracks on the faces of the

people struggling against the wind

simply seeking egress from the cold

a place to

sip coffee and

in stirring their cream

talk about the days before

global colding

he says

as he takes the cup of

coffee and swirling in his cream smiles

“global colding is more like it”

he says again with a wry smile

and then heads back out into the cold

“you can stay” the Barista says

“free wi-fi” the enticing finisher


the cold beckoned

the warm coffee

enough to get home


to fight

the ever growing

Global Colding.



Just one more nut for a tightened dream

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Turbine screaming as the

screw turned

one turn

two turns



he said as the wrench flew from his hand


the loose ones


and smiling he turned towards the row of


and nuts

each one aligned with the others

but aligned with nothing

the wrench flying from bolt

to bolt

nut to nut

sparks flying

his fingers bloody

the smile gone from his face

bolt after bolt

nut after nut

each day the same as the last

we seek the loose ones

he said through

gritted teeth

we tighten those that do not fit.




The end of football, the world and sadly my birthday

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Over the past five or so years my birthday has taken a beating. Apparently a few hundred years ago when the Mayan’s were finalizing their calendar they felt it would be a good stopping point. So, December 21, 2012 is the end of the world (and my birthday). Now I was born on my parents wedding anniversary so I suspect in fact it ruins that day as well, but for now let’s focus on my birthday. There are advantages of having your birthday near Christmas (you can get one larger present etc). But now there is this looming “end of the world thing” hanging over the day.

Personally I believe that what actually happened to the Mayan calendar is that they were finishing the bad boy up when they had an NFL style labor dispute and before they were done, the workers all walked off the job. The managers could have finished the gig – but in those days the only thing a worker owned was his tools, so those walked with the workers. This resulted in an unfinished calendar and rather than admit they couldn’t solve the labor issue. So that became the end of the world, my birthday.

I suspect I am a little bitter about that.

But then, I am a little bitter about the whole NFL labor dispute as well. It probably impacts me more than the end of the world does, that is still over a year away. The NFL labor dispute is more “near term.” Although it would be a fitting end to the Super Bowl that the first and last champion came from Title Town Wisconsin. Perhaps in truth the NFL doesn’t wish to be associated with the end of the world coming soon, and wished instead to be remembered for the wonder of the 40+ Super Bowls that have been. Rather sadly than the one that would be cancelled post the end of the world in 2013. Who knows anymore. It just makes me sad that they are fighting like that.



One nut, too tight and the pool of blood

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The loose guide nut

a wing nut

tightened to the point

that it was squeezing blood

from the bolt

dripping to a small pool on the floor

and winking

each drop falling to the ground

splashing around in the pool and

completing a perfect backflip

disappearing into the sea of red

that grew from the tight nut

ever and ever further across the floor

the un-calibrated nut

that striped its

threads and

leaving the bounds of propriety

left the bolt

bleeding from


the spreading pool of blood

spreading ever outward

in an increasing pool

of vicious fluid

from an un-

calibrated nut


as if life

could be squeezed by an ever tighter nut

more and more pressure

resulting in a

bursting blast of blood

alliterative yes

but pointing to the floor

the man with the mop sighed

“a mess”

he said

and the door closed.


There are five year olds with better brackets than mine…

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Congrats to the Butler Bulldogs – nice to see a home town team do well! I have to root for them to win it all – because my bracket is dead anyway.

Sadly the rest of my bracket voted with their feet and are now no longer playing. Ohio State was one I picked to lose (I watched them thump Indiana twice). But a couple of the others (Duke – out of loyalty to Coach Knight’s Disciple Coach K) I picked because well they are simply great coaches and great teams. To bad they weren’t able to pull off a tournament for me Smile.

In fairness to the teams I picked – normally my bracket is the one you use as a reference for what not to pick so, I guess maybe I am the curse not the teams.

Another year, another missed chance at the Yahoo Bracket prize.



Saturday–the one day I am free and its cold outside.

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March, Sunny and less than 40 degrees. Why?

So this spring started with rain virtually every day. Which you may recall wasn’t my favorite. Now it’s the end of March – and it is cold again. Why is that? During the spring I transition from riding my bike indoors, to walking amongst nature outdoors. When it is cold in the spring time, nature goes in doors and I stare forlornly out at the passing clouds.

I want to go outside!

Anyway – enough of that. Time to get cracking on the things I need to do.

Have a great saturday all!


You shall not pass

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I watch the flames eat


gnaw and

turn to dust

the mighty tree

that standing where it had always stood


could not dodge

could not zig

and consumed

fell to the ground

a huge thud among a forest of thuds

one less tree

a clear view of the sky

from the ground

the owl looking around

her head tilted

wondering where her home

had gone

the smoke still curling from

the fallen log

no longer a tree

now a log

a home for decay


no more

each piece carried off by carrion bugs

the flesh of the tree

borne to build other palaces

would they as well be


or would they as well

fall to decay.

Stand here,

stand tall

fall to decay.