Saturday, in the park (no wait can’t its RAINING)

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Did the weather not read my blog yesterday? According to the rain gauge (connected to my indoor weather station – I’ve learned a lot in the old days the weather station was in a box outside) there was 1.6 inches of rain yesterday around my house. My house sits at the bottom of a hill and most of the neighborhood drains into my backyard.  About 10 years ago we added a drain in our backyard to at least control the water flow. Two years ago we added a stone drain field around the drain to reduce the clogging affect of large spring rains. The system held (and has held for two years now) but there is still a lot of water draining into that drain.

I am going with a  good news, bad news scenario there. It could be worse (flooded basement etc). It could be better (sunshine would be nice).

I am replacing my all-in-one printer/fax with a new one this week. The old one (hp) has that new HP expiring ink and it isn’t something I want to keep replacing. Plus the HP stuff is really expensive to replace. What I need is a very compact printer to save some space on my desk. I have other printers that do a better printing job, I just need something that is easy to leverage/use. I am considering the Lexmark, but as always anything IBM makes me nervous. Lexmark like Lenovo isn’t part of IBM anymore, but they were and anything IBM makes me nervous.

Had to take the boys to the eye doctor this am – again one has broken glasses so it was off to the appt. Luckily we had a good time, but it does get kinda tiring when you have to do that all the time.

All for now…



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