One nut, too tight and the pool of blood

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The loose guide nut

a wing nut

tightened to the point

that it was squeezing blood

from the bolt

dripping to a small pool on the floor

and winking

each drop falling to the ground

splashing around in the pool and

completing a perfect backflip

disappearing into the sea of red

that grew from the tight nut

ever and ever further across the floor

the un-calibrated nut

that striped its

threads and

leaving the bounds of propriety

left the bolt

bleeding from


the spreading pool of blood

spreading ever outward

in an increasing pool

of vicious fluid

from an un-

calibrated nut


as if life

could be squeezed by an ever tighter nut

more and more pressure

resulting in a

bursting blast of blood

alliterative yes

but pointing to the floor

the man with the mop sighed

“a mess”

he said

and the door closed.


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