Follow-up ActiveWords Review!!!!!!

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I have now had the wonderful application ActiveWords ( for more than a year and a 1/2.

  • If you buy a user copy you can use it on every machine you own.
  • it is an amazing tool that truly benefits the system user!

I run a number of different computers that each have different jobs. I have computers that I focus on productivity (writing documents and building slide shows) and ActiveWords is a great tool (auto spelling correction). The application runs in the background and watches what you do, over time it prompts for building keyword short cuts for specific applications.  No longer a multi-step process to open a file share, SharePoint Portal Workspace and Microsoft word. You simply type office in my ActiveWords command line – and everything is ready to go. It even pays attention to the screen layouts of the applications and opens them the way I want them.

On my server I can simply type in “user” and it launched ad users and groups.

On my media machine type in “video” and it launches movie maker.

On my media machine type in Stars and it launches deep space and checks for updates (a great application if you love star gazing).

The promise of the application when I downloaded it two years ago was to reduce the time it took me to complete tasks. It has done so, and in fact has opened up some tasks improvement windows that I would have never noticed. It has tools for improving your Bing search (which is hard to do – Bing search rocks) as well as improving your overall productivity.

Two years ago I noted this was a great program. I now run 7 copies of the application on the PC’s I use (3 are virtual servers – I am no where near as bad as I used to be). It is my 3rd most used tool, only word and PowerPoint get used more than ActiveWords now. If you haven’t tried it, pull down their evaluation copy – it is the most amazing tool, ever.


So declared the Last King of Scotland

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It is a convenient lie

on the couch

next to the dog

one that speaks of tomorrow

and of tea

not yet consumed

we will

we can

we should

a lie of the tongue

and then further

down to the lungs

expelling outward in

a violent explosion of air

a voice

perhaps from the last

king of Scotland

a silence that in our moment


on the couch

or is it

lies to us

on the couch

by the dog

wet from the rain

the smell of wet dog

and convenient lies

fill the room

like smoke from a cheap cigar

pungent and gutting

we cover our faces in disgust

the convenient lie falling

to the floor

to be no more.


The horrible laughter of Norse Kings

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Too little rain falls

to little





each drop

a perfection

of water





throw from the castle

of the Norse king

to die

falling to earth

a million miles

the thunderous voices of the


as they skirmish with the lost

children of yesterday

and the dreams of tomorrow

each falling with the rain

fetid rain


decaying snowflakes

once perfection

once unique

now one of many

the same

and the Norse kings laugh…



The Beer Fueled Megaphone

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To beat the crowd, you slide in

and sit at the bar

The wood



rounded edges facing me

as I slide against the wooden embrace

and pull against the

copper foot what is it called?

the foot rail that you rest your feet upon

as the beer flows

and Sportscenter

always Sportscenter

blaring from the speakers

the glad handing and

conversation of

things that should be done

“From a business perspective” the

first voice says

“from an HR perspective” the woman responds

each moment of the conversation

dragging into the bar

and smudging the clean and gleaming surface

there are ten million stories in every city, now naked

but yours

fueled by the beer megaphone

drowns the others out

“What exactly did they think would happen”

and we slide further down the bar

you not seeing the space opened around you

as though you were the opposite of a black hole

pushing away

your beer fueled megaphone blasting us into

like a vocal sand blaster

“what were they thinking?”

we don’t know

and now, we pay our tabs

and we don’t care.


Walking trails and a Tuesday am

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Good morning!

I like to talk evening walks – its been my primary exercise for awhile now (running swells my knees and destroys my toes). Interesting to me over the years is the number of cities that have wonderful walking (and therefore running and biking) trails.

So my top walking cities:

  • Amsterdam
  • Seattle
  • Columbus Ohio

The things I am looking for – nice trails (Holland has the best) that are well marked and flat. If the trails have mile markets that is nice (although I usually have my Garmin with me so that isn’t necessary). The trees need to be cut back from the walking path and best of all the path has to be long enough without having to constantly cross the street. All three of the places above rank very high over the years for the best quality walking experiences.

I wonder how long it will take for more cities to support runners/walkers/bikers with more effective walking, biking and running opportunities and trails?


From the desk of Sandler Boggs

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it should be noted that I once read my poem’s out loud – and do in fact have many other nasty habits.

The first publication by Sandler Boggs – May 1, 1977. It seems momentous now – when I look back over the years to that particular date. I have never made a lot of money as a writer, I suspect if you total the amount I’ve made and remove the cost of the equipment I’ve bought to pursue my writing, I am probably a few hundred dollars ahead. But for me the joy of writing has more to do with the expression of where I am, and sharing that with others, then it does the value I get from writing.

My first book was published 14 years ago (“There are day’s you just want to go home” by Bibliotheca Publishing). My second book was published on Kindle about a year and a half ago (and you can find all four current books by clicking on My Amazon Author page above.

I’ve published more than 80 articles and poems over the years.

But that first one remains special. Unique, I might say in terms of how it has impacted me. I still remember the letter arriving at my parents house saying I was to be a published author. It remains one of the highlights of a pretty good childhood.

Sandler Boggs

Chief Creative Officer

Creative Technology & Innovation

The many faces of innovation

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What does innovation look like? Is it the look of frustration on a users face as they consider a problem? Is it someone surveying an industry or a government program and saying “there has to be an easier way?” Or is innovation simply the person sitting next to you on the bus with a new gadget that you don’t have – but suddenly need?

Is innovation getting the first adopter or the 12th? (or some number in between, or some number beyond 12). Is innovation the first time someone does something the new way and its more effective than doing it the old way? Or the last time you do something the old way, realizing the new way is more efficient? Is innovation a market changer? There are a number of books on the topic of innovation, from what causes and why innovation fails to the overall concept of sustaining innovation.

Innovation is applied to big and small things.

There is an excellent essay on Wikipedia that is the current posted definition of innovation the use. I like the definition provided “The central meaning of innovation thus relates to renewal or improvement, with novelty being a consequence of this improvement. For an improvement to take place it is necessary for people to change the way they make decisions, or make choices outside of their norm. Schumpeter c.s. (~1930) states that “innovation changes the values onto which the system is based”. When people change their value system, the old (economic) system will change to make room for the better one. When that happens innovation has occurred. Innovation can be seen as something that does, not something that is.”

But I wonder if in fact innovation isn’t sometimes a leap beyond what is. I was captivated by Walter Cronkite in the summer of 1969. From riots and rebellion and nearly class and racial warfare in the south he brought us the moon landing.  The first human being on the moon changed the world forever, closing the loop begun in a speech by John F. Kennedy. The moon landing closed a decade, and provided a source of innovation that still exists and is innovating today. From lighter stronger materials (anything from bullet proof vests – to a more structurally sound building in earthquakes) to what we now leverage as Cell phones, Televisions and computers.

It seems almost the innovation can be a leap (the moon landing) or a step forward (Windows 95) that change the way everything is done. Innovation is the disruption of “normalcy.”

The question becomes what is the next innovation that will change the world. What comes next?

Is “the cloud” the next great innovation? A mapping of technology, business process and professionalization?

It is a story for time to tell us….





Normalcy is a word coined by the American President FDR and is not a real word. Well that is not completely true. It is an innovation of language that allows normalcy to be a word now, it was not a word when it was coined more than 50 years ago.