Question 1, how do we communicate?

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An architecture of communication

Let’s gather the requirements for communication first. (like all good architectures we start from what we need)..

What do people need from communication?

The communication requirements cycle:

  • Reassurance
  • Comfort
  • Entertainment
  • Validation
  • energy
  • structure
  • directions
  • leadership

Now think about your favorite teacher from school. What type of communication did they leverage? Most likely it was the last three (structure to provide a consistent view of the information being presented to allow for directions to develop and leadership to be provided.) It was leadership in the sense that even knowing the person was teaching you something you didn’t care. You wanted to have more information from that person.

This brings us another interesting concept beyond what people need, its why do we try to communicate?

The information acquisition cycle:

  • Want to know something
  • Need to know something
  • Interested in something

Interested and want to know are things that can be influenced by others. Need to know puts you in a situation where you have to have certain information.

So what then assuming this initial component that people need different types of information t different times and their overall commitment to that information may be different depending on where they are in the acquisition cycle how do we communicate?



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