Just a thought on communication




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Communication (yeah I know its getting boring but I can’t help it) and Education

I am always curious as to why people are selected for projects. I don’t mean consulting projects, those should be representational of the skills the person has. Rather I mean projects that involve someone coming back to the rest of the team and teaching them.

There is a difference between a great speaker and a great teacher. Teaching is a communication style on its own, you combine many of the elements of great speakers, but you have to have the one element many great speakers don’t have – the ability to transition from one to many, to one on one easily when the student is struggling. By no means do I mean or even find that either is more important than the other. Each style (Presenter or Speaker and Teacher or Educator) are equally important. In fact it is my contention that they should be partners.

The great speaker presents information to groups better than anyone.

The teacher is a good group presenter but is more effective at knowing who gets and understands the points.

If they were a partnership (introduce the topic with a speaker and then follow-up with a teacher) it would actually make both more effective.


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