Sit in your library? Or sit anywhere and carry your library with you?

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The new library.

When I was a kid I wanted to have a house with a library in it. 100’s of books that I could wander into an pick the one I wanted to read and then sitting down in a large leather chair – read. I have my library now – between my iPod and my Kindle I have 100’s of books. I can listen to books, or choose to read them on the kindle. Its funny how time intervenes regarding the things you dream of. I still have the comfortable place to sit but now the more important thing is a portable library. Carrying all the books you need in one simple and easy to use device. Hence the title of the blog – years ago I drooled over houses with huge libraries.

  • Now I simply pick up my kindle and go read where I want to be.
  • Or listen to a book as I walk for exercise.

There are of course people who still collect books, filling their spaces with the books that they can touch and feel. I still have a few books – JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the rings (hobbit and others) as well as a couple of other authors. But for the most part I now buy books on the kindle. They are cheaper, faster and I don’t have to worry about where they are.

Additionally many libraries are now embracing eBooks. Allowing you to check out a book for two weeks via DRM that basically changes the library business forever. Imagine never going to the library and not getting your book – or if it isn’t available knowing that it will never be more than 2 weeks. Also imaging going to the library online – not having to drive (saving $$$) and getting the books you want sent to your device. You don’t pay late fees. The library doesn’t have to chase you or nag you. The book simply goes away at the end of two weeks, or if you renew, at the end of the time you have left. Plus with project Gutenberg, you can download many great works of literature for your reading pleasure for free.

Imagine a library of 300 books in every home in America. Heck imagine a library of 300 books in the native language of every house in the world. The impact on literacy could be amazing.

if I may paraphrase Aldous Huxley; it is a brave new world to have books such as these, in it!



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