Walking trails and a Tuesday am




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Good morning!

I like to talk evening walks – its been my primary exercise for awhile now (running swells my knees and destroys my toes). Interesting to me over the years is the number of cities that have wonderful walking (and therefore running and biking) trails.

So my top walking cities:

  • Amsterdam
  • Seattle
  • Columbus Ohio

The things I am looking for – nice trails (Holland has the best) that are well marked and flat. If the trails have mile markets that is nice (although I usually have my Garmin with me so that isn’t necessary). The trees need to be cut back from the walking path and best of all the path has to be long enough without having to constantly cross the street. All three of the places above rank very high over the years for the best quality walking experiences.

I wonder how long it will take for more cities to support runners/walkers/bikers with more effective walking, biking and running opportunities and trails?


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