The Beer Fueled Megaphone

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To beat the crowd, you slide in

and sit at the bar

The wood



rounded edges facing me

as I slide against the wooden embrace

and pull against the

copper foot what is it called?

the foot rail that you rest your feet upon

as the beer flows

and Sportscenter

always Sportscenter

blaring from the speakers

the glad handing and

conversation of

things that should be done

“From a business perspective” the

first voice says

“from an HR perspective” the woman responds

each moment of the conversation

dragging into the bar

and smudging the clean and gleaming surface

there are ten million stories in every city, now naked

but yours

fueled by the beer megaphone

drowns the others out

“What exactly did they think would happen”

and we slide further down the bar

you not seeing the space opened around you

as though you were the opposite of a black hole

pushing away

your beer fueled megaphone blasting us into

like a vocal sand blaster

“what were they thinking?”

we don’t know

and now, we pay our tabs

and we don’t care.


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