What was revealed?




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“I got shocked”

her voice a reaction to the light switch

shocking her with visions

of what once had been

of course could never be again

but once was

“shocked” her voice echoing

in the room

reaching for the light switch

the man stretched out his hand

as comfort



it was rejected

“shocked” the reply

through the handkerchief clutched

to the now covered face

he wondered not aloud

what was revealed?

The light swallowed the words

as they sought egress from the room

and he sat in the overstuffed chair


for a moment only

what over-stuffing meant

as his scotch tickled the ICE in the glass

and slid brown into

his now smiling face.
What was revealed?

he wondered, then shook the glass gently

the ICE tinkling

the scotch dancing

his eyes watching

the handkerchief

wondering if it could reveal

what was shocking.


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