To our Graduates!!!!!

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Double graduation month in the Andersen homestead. My wife is finishing her degree (MSW) in December but gets to walk with the folks this month at the IUPUI Commencement. In two weeks Jacqueline will graduate from High School and w then she is off to college. I am proud of both of them as each is an achievement worthy of both praise and note.

You put these dates in your calendar when your married or you child is born. Momentous occasions that you know will be bitter-sweet. For my wife it is the end of a three year saga (although she still has one more class to go and a practicum). She has struggled mightily with the concepts of going back to school as an older student.  She has worked hard and ended up graduating with Honors, which is an amazing job and deserving of kudos. This is the first huge step for our life beyond our children. As a couple we have spent the majority of the past 20 years being parents. The end of that role is slowly appearing on the horizon. Now we are beginning to build our future.

My daughter is a different story. For her this is the end of a chapter. She is no longer a student and soon will no longer live under our roof (she is going away for college). My little girl is an adult now. I wrote about six months ago on her 18th birthday of what she means to me. She has been a great kid to watch grow up. I honor and treasure her and the memories she has created with my wife and I. But my little girl is going away soon and that makes me sad. Not the kind of sad that stops you as you stoop over crying. It is more a melancholy, a sadness that is tinged with great happiness. Soon she will be able to be in the world of her choice fulfilling her destiny in the world.

To my graduates – a hearty congratulations! I love both of you – and I am proud of both of you.


Scott Owen Andersen

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