Random Friday Thoughts…




My Amazon author page!!!!



So yesterday I passed 70,000 steps for the past 7 days (per fitbit). It is an amazing thing when you think about it.

Random Thoughts

  • My wife and I have lived in our house for 11+ years. Prior to this house I have not lived in any one place for that long. In fact prior to that my longest was 5 years (in the house we owned in Cincinnati Ohio).
  • Someone hacked my t-mobile account – same on them!
  • iTunes updates are frustrating
  • I keep hearing Billy Joel songs in my head
  • Its nearly end of year for my employer and things are crazy.
  • Happiness is not having to do paperwork
  • I am stuck on left turns. Why is that?
  • If “this train don’t stop for…” how do you get on? And if it is that exclusive do you want to?
  • Why are trains dying? They are a beautiful way to travel.
  • Why don’t we have better public transportation in medium and smaller towns?

Just a few random Friday ruminations.


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