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Where do we go from here? Seeking balance in software architecture leaves me with a question about tomorrow. You see, you can achieve short term balance, but in the end that isn’t really the balance of the overall situation. It is a temporal balance that can be snatched away from you easily. The balance both of the architect, architecture and overall solution implemented requires more than a temporal balance. It is a critical long term application of the right answers.

This brings me back to the concept of the “balanced architect.” I’ve talked about communication patterns for years now. Good and bad things that people do. Negative organizations and organisms that breed the negativity rather than growing new ideas. I’ve been reading a book about irrational thinking and the more I realize what is irrational around me the more I begin to wonder.

Doing things the same way over and over isn’t balance. It is more irrational than anything. When we expand the search for balanced software solutions, we have to consider the irrational situation we are often in.

What is balance and how do we achieve it in an irrational world?

  • Do things in a new way.
  • Consider the options.
  • Consider the negative data.
  • Don’t surround yourself with people that have the same attitude in life that you do.
  • Find the new path if the old one is blocked.
  • Think globally and act globally where possible.
  • Act locally if required.
  • Be a better person Smile

“Look upon my works ye mighty and despair.”

Sometimes I do.


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