Architects and what they talk about…

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The concept of Human Dynamics and architects. or the intersection of thinking about it, and talking about it with others! It is the secret sauce that architects learn very early, influence and lead versus manage and persuade.

The interesting problem is the way architects often pursue the persuasion (I saw Mr. Popper’s Penguins over the weekend so I had to use the p words in honor of Polly).

Some of the architects I know pursue arguments like a bull in a china shop expecting people to cave to their arguments because they are loud or sometimes because they are in the room or have a specific title. That makes me sad. But it is a problem in many more proffesions than architecture. I remember feeling that way when I was a school teacher as well – “the way things are, is the way things are.”

I am planning on a blog series around the broader concepts and ideas incorporated in the overall concept of Human Dynamics and architects, as well as the overall impact of that on the profession architecture.

Comment away if you have thoughts…

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