Lenovo W520 Compared to an ASUS G73




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If I could turn back time,

I got a new PC recently at work. It is a little slower than the ASUS I bound myself last fall, but it is a decent PC except for two minor and two major issues.

It blue screens at least once a day due to memory issues. I have faster memory in my ASUS, and it has never blue screened. It doesn’t have the fancy USB 3.0 and I wonder if that is the issue. Although I do have USB 3.0 in another computer and haven’t had the level of issues with that one so I suspect it is a Lenovo issue (major issue 1)

The processor is a little slower than my ASUS (minor issue).

It only has a 160 gig SSD drive (the ASUS has a 256 gig SSD Drive) (minor issue)

It doesn’t have a blue ray drive and it is as stated above less stable than my ASUS is. I would love to say that my work laptop is subjected to more intense hardware requirements than my home laptop but I do video and other things with my home laptop so that truly isn’t the case.

Overall I would say the Lenovo, which is a decent PC, doesn’t really stack up to my ASUS – so I probably should have just used my home PC and not upgraded my old tablet.

If only I could turn back time.


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