Some more Syncverse Ramblings…

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The missing piece of the icloud puzzle.

The cloud shouldn’t be platform specific. (ooh that sounds like lot like the “java” dream or the network computer dream or for that matter the Google chromebook dream).

But the cloud is becoming the new battleground world wide. I am not sure that is of value to anyone at this point. Frankly I think it is a horrible corruption of what could have been if it continues.

  • The cloud should be free
  • The cloud should be open for all to use
  • The cloud needs to provide a unified structure for multiple platforms to co-exist

In my blogs on the Syncverse I talked quite a bit about the opportunity for freedom that the cloud represents. Its more than a technology view and approach it is the opportunity to make the world a better place.

icloud, while interesting is simply an extension of the “apple” sexy to the internet. It doesn’t add value for any other platform in fact it really takes away from others – by forcing the casual consumer into a locked down vendor specific cloud.

So the question is how do we move from the consumer based “iCloud” world to one where the Syncverse is a useable and viable option?


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