Another in my long time series–are you the smartest person in the room>

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I’ve talked about the concepts in this blog many times. I call it “the smartest person in the room syndrome.” It’s a sad disease that impacts many people that I have respected over the years. In the end, they fall victim to this and are lost to oblivion. The sad thing is they might even read these words and apply them to me, or other people around them. They would never apply them to themselves. The journey of a 1000 steps doesn’t begin sadly with the first step, it begins when you realize that you need to take that first step.

The long and winding road. (sorry and apologies to the Beatles). I began my computer experience with a TR-80 computer. (for those of you who played games on the Trash 80 LOAD HAMMURABI)! I moved from that to a Commodore 64 and then to an Apple IIC. The apple IIC was nearly portable (except for disk drives, external monitor and a battery). For years I was a mac guy. I had every single Macintosh for hears (SE, SE-20, IICI, II, Quadra 700, Quadra 900 and a number of Powermacs).

Then I moved into the PC world and started playing with servers and PC’s. I stayed loosely connected to Apple (Ipod Touch) but moved into the mainstream PC world. Then it was servers and disk and connecting to this and that. For years I was a messaging connection guy (connect this mail system to that mail system).

Out of that world into the consulting world (well you could do that) but always seeking guidance looking for someone to help me put everything together in a consistent structured and strategic manner. To many people I work with have the answer. None of them actually can sit in a room and work with the other people that have the answer and produce a new answer (that represents a blending of ideas). Since they are always right why should they compromise.

Its interesting to me this change over time. Something that I wish I understood at times. But one thing is for sure. The future that is coming will be better than the past we leave behind!.


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