Another Shameless review…

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Today’s review is of the new Kensington tablet pen. I love my Asus Tablet, but I also love my live scribe echo pen. I am a techno person, but for some reason the best notes I take are with pen and paper. The tablet get’s me close, but frankly the stylus just doesn’t have the look and feel of a pen.

I had found a great stylus/ball point pen for the Ipad online for taking notes. But so far had tried several different pens none of which really fit the bill for me in terms of what I was looking for. The Kensington Virtuoso Touch Screen Stylus and Pen (i.e., the Kensington 2nd Generation Stylus and Pen, as Amazon lists it Amazon link embedded above) is a great tool. I got the Stylus only – it works very well with my ASUS. I took notes in a meeting and overall my impressions were very good.

The “end” of the stylus is a little mushy and because of that you do have to write with larger letters in the beginning (although making them smaller with OneNote is quite easy). The handwriting recognition was decent with the pen (about the same as the included ASUS stylus) so not a lot to complain about.

The pen has weight (which is what I like) and feels like you are actually writing on paper. Overall I would say it’s a good value add if like me you have to have that pen feeling when taking notes. If not, the stylus preforms just as well (and you do get smaller overall text).

Not a must have item but certainly a good tool to include.


Just another shameless review

My Amazon author page!!!!

Kind of reviewing the rules from years ago (I haven’t posted them in a long time)


  • If I hate an item or love an item I will review it.
  • I am more likely to review items I love than items I hate. I get tired of all the negative reviews out there. For example if you go back to day one of my technical blog ( you will find the first few reviews are of Vonage. They sucked at that time so I reviewed them as horrible. For the most part I try for positive reviews so if you are interested you can make a good buying decision.
  • Just because I own something doesn’t mean I will review it. There are a lot of things that are just “good enough”
  • Some reviews have wishes for the application in the future.
  • I do not try to play favorites. I loved the Ipod when I worked for a company where that wasn’t popular.

Products that continue to make an impact day after day:

  • Asus (G73 gamer laptop and EP121 Slate)
  • Active Words I now have more than 300 commands on my laptop simply an amazing product.
  • Omnipage – great product continues to be the best OCR package for scanning.
  • HP Color Laser – what a great addition to the network (and a fantastic printer)
  • ASUS MT101 netbook (what a great media player, network router and all around good to have 32 bit windows 7 device)
  • Windows NT mode – I have four machines running it – frankly it solves a lot of application compatibility issues that I have at times with some of the older applications around.
  • Microsoft OneNote – what did I do before this?
  • Ipod Touch – simply a go to device on so many levels – and very useful all the way around!
  • Live Scribe Echo Smart Pen – it makes me smarter – which frankly is amazing!
  • Kindle – this device rocks and remains one of my go to devices.
  • Mini-Cooper S (if only we had the Navigation system working). What an amazing car.

Devices that just aren’t good yet (but have potential)

  • windows phone 7, I can’t say how disappointed I am in this device. I have been a loyalist and frankly feel like the device was a huge step back from the windows mobile devices. I am hoping that my hardware will support the new version of the OS and that its worth having. Otherwise its IPhone for me.
  • Open Office, it is still not there. I have it installed on a fairly decent computer and it just doesn’t cut the productivity requirements.
  • Blackberry Torch – so close – but still not there yet.


Ok thank you Irene for heading the other way…

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560 steps for wife’s coffee and breakfast in bed. First day of school for the boys – they took off walking to school around 7:10 am. They are nearly men now – scary thought. First day of college for the bean. Amazing how mature she has become.

For the first time in a long time, someone dropped me off at work this am. The last time that happened was in Cincinnati when Barb dropped me off at work. That was more than 15 years ago. This morning my daughter dropped me off at work. It was a fun experience that have to say made me proud of her.

New goal for this week (1 box organized per day). I want to have my private cloud system back online by Thursday pm. Everything else is chugging along. Now it is just a matter of moving forward because thanks to Barb I got caught up on the boxes. Only a few boxes in the basement and setting up the home theatre remains.

Hurricane missed us which in the long run was a huge relief. We ended up rushing out for Chinese takeout around the time the storm was to hit us originally, all we got was some rain.

A lot to get done this week so signing off for now.

.doc (now earthquake and hurricane veteran).

Just another day in unpacking paradise

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283 steps to go downstairs, mill around the kitchen, make coffee and take said coffee back upstairs to my wife. She likes her first cup or two of coffee in bed.

I updated my IPod yesterday and got all the wires ready to set-up the computers in the basement. Need to find two more things then I am done (one camera, one printer) as far as stuff I am missing. So far I’ve found just about everything I was missing when I started the process of unpacking Friday afternoon. I am going to be short on table space in the new office, but will figure a way around that.

We watched the fantastic movie “A beautiful mind” last night. It is truly a classic/wonderful movie about love and caring.

New Internet is up and running thanks to an exceptional tech from Comcast. The newer connection without the bad wire somewhere in my old house, is so much faster everyone can live on wi-fi.

Now I wonder if VOIP is an option. It wasn’t in my old house due to a wire issue somewhere in the house. Maybe it is now. Anyway – tons of boxes to unpack (already have 6 done this morning) perhaps we can even catch up with the original goal today.

For those of you following the exploits of the Stuborndor (or Fran as she was originally named) she will now use the door but prefers it when her human pets open the door first.

Oh well.


Getting closer

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The morning of the edge our first hurricane. Barb and I have both felt the impact of hurricanes before (many of them made it to the middle of the US as tropical depressions. What does that mean? For three days you get tropics style rain (I remember that from Bangkok) and then you are depressed!

Got a lot done  the basement yesterday. 12 boxes (now I am only 21 behind my goal) and a ton of stuff put out in the right place. There are a number of missing items from the office, hopefully they turn up in the remaining boxes. We also can’t find our alarm clock and our phone which is another source of concern. We are using a different alarm clock (clock radio) so its not the soothing music we usually wake up to.

Dog door arrived yesterday. Dog didn’t like it. We even told her it was  a princess door. She didn’t care. Luckily they included dog treats with the door and we were able to get her to use it a couple of times. Sometimes however I wonder just who is training who. I think overall the dog is training us rather than us training the dog.

At the current unpacking rate I could be done by next weekend. Which is good, I would really like to go to the new MLK memorial early in September. What I have seen via video is simply amazing but then, the man was amazing his memorial should be a well.


Once more into the breach!

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1854 steps in the morning to make coffee, bring coffee to wife (still in bed). Make breakfast, shower, dress and then head out to the car, drive and then walk to my office. I love fitbit. It really is a cool device.

I have been home with the family for the past 12 days running (the first three without Barb while she packed the old house). I can’t say how much it means to me to be around my kids all the time. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed that.

Internet arrived yesterday in a small white truck. We are back in civilization. Plus I can finally install all the updates I have been putting off since we left the hotel.

Phone arrived yesterday as well – we are now back in the world of the living!

I also got some boxes unpacked yesterday. IT was simply an amazing day. Just need to batten the hatches and prepare for Irene.  What if your favorite aunt was named Irene? Your mom and dad outside the house feverishly pounding nails into walls with boards attached to protect windows from high intensity winds. “Whatcha doing?” you innocently ask. You mother looks at you “Go back inside dear, Irene is coming and we have to get ready.”

Sorry my brain doesn’t work right – just ask my wife.

Anyway – another day, another process to complete.


The children of technology

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23 boxes behind the ship may be sinking faster than I can bail.

I am a child of technology. I caught the passion in first grade as we watched the initial launching of America’s space program. I remember thinking at age 14 how could it would be to have a briefcase that included: A phone, a printer, a computer and a calculator. Scary but now you just need two devices (a printstick and a cellular phone).

Which leads me to today, now at home in the new house for 6 days and loving it. But no internet. I am not sure when the internet became a must have but frankly it is, and it has.

TV’s, computers and virtually everything you use on a daily basis now relies on the internet for updates, additions and what-ever-else you need in your life.

Luckily we are all set with approval and all so we can hopefully have the internet before the weekend. Two in a row would be kind of tough to take frankly.

I am a child of technology.


If only…

My Amazon author page!!!!

1 Xbox setup.

1 more box opened.

But now I am 13 boxes behind my goal. I am going to take a 1/2 day Friday to try and catch up. What is the point of setting a goal if you don’t at least try and hit it.

We walked down to the 5 Guys burger joint in the square for dinner last night. Its really kind of fun to be able to safely walk to the movies, dinner or for that matter even shopping. We had a blast last night meandering our way through the neighborhood on the way to dinner. Barb is taking the kids to the pool today (and to get their neighborhood id’s). Their (the kids) stolen days of extra summer are over Monday (and Tuesday) as all three head back to school.

When I was in school I hated school. If I only knew then what I know now, I would have reveled more in school. But as the famous quote goes “youth is wasted on the young.” Hindsight is such a glorious tool to consider.

Time to get rolling and get to work – loving the new job.

(interesting thing – watched a video about the impact of negativity in management – would LOVE TO show it to a large number of people. Let me just say there are many ways to solve problems and frankly negative is never one of them. Perhaps a compliment to start and then well say something nice.

If only I knew then what I know now.


Daddy don’t you walk so fast

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Have you ever noticed how some people walk? Not sure why it hit me today but as I was walking into work I saw three distinct walking styles. Loping – or what I would call the hunter walk. Measured, or what I would call the thinking man’s walk, and finally a more interesting walk that involved moving from side to side of the hall as though not sure which side to be on.

Human beings are such interesting creatures when you think about it. They live in a world where they walk in an uncomfortable upright fashion and within that world have so many different walking styles its nearly one to one (people to styles). There are people who literally walk as though they are climbing a mountain. I call them up-walkers. There are people who walk as though the weight of the world is on their shoulders (I call them drupe walkers).

We humans are an interesting collection of genetic mismatches.

I got six boxes unpacked yesterday against a goal of 10. That puts me a day behind already. I am never going to get all the boxes unpacked.


Finding a window based dog door

My Amazon author page!!!!

1968 number of posts to both of my blogs. Closing in on 2000.

I spent time yesterday looking for a window based dog door. The back door is one of those French doors so there is no way to put in a temporary dog door. There is however a window on one end of the deck and her majesty doesn’t seem to mind overly much going through a window so a little research was in order.

I finally found one. I need to talk to them which I will do before ordering but it was amazing. You actually have to know how wide your dog is. They don’t allow for variables (width=how well her eyes work on whomever is eating at the time). They also have more than 20 different window sizes. Ah the joys of moving. Oh well. The new place is great and the neighborhood is fantastic. We don’t have to clean the pool or pay for lawn moving anymore (although I do miss our Lawn Guy Jeff Wagoner.

Blog Shout Outs:

Great companies to work with on the south side of Indianapolis (Greenwood/Southport area)

  • Karl’s heating and cooling
  • ABC Pools (Brian simply rocks)
  • Waggoner Lawn Care (Jeff is a great person – and does super work)
  • Kelly’s Cleaning (Kelly is an awesome person)

My wife has this great system for picking fantastic people and all of the above are her choices. So the other kudo goes to my wonderful wife. She is an amazing person.