Shameless review–Mini Cooper S Convertible

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Moving day has arrived (for those of you keeping track – we started packing a week ago. We put out 44 bags of trash and made 11 trips to Goodwill with the van.)

Three big things out of this move that I find incredibly exciting:

  • No more pool (which means no more maintenance – chemicals and skimming!!!!)
  • We no longer own a sprinkler system (no maintenance – or anything else to do with it!)
  • We no longer own a mini-van (we traded that for our long awaited mini-cooper)

Shameless Review

Mini-Cooper S Convertible

Color: ICE Blue

Type: Cooper S Convertible

When you see a mini-cooper next to another car for the first time you are struck by how small they are. You aren’t going to pack a family of 5 into a Cooper for a day of driving fun (4 people for a day of cramped driving is possible). They are small. The overall experience of the car is built for the two front seats. Although they are the most comfortable back seats I’ve sat in for a long time.

Really good:

BMW gives you a year of Sirius with the purchase of the car – that is very cool. They leverage the Sirius/XM traffic system as well with the navigation so you are always notified of virtually up to date traffic. In the DC area, that is critical. The radio is also an HD radio and the sound is amazing. Finally the radio supports Ipod’s/Iphones, USB devices and anything with a standard 3.5 m plug. This means you can burn your entire music collection onto a USB drive and listen to what-ever-you want. (the Ipod/Iphone attachment also charges the Ipod/Iphone which is pretty cool).

Bluetooth connected to our Windows Phone 7 devices easily. The system even pulled over our address books – which is something I can’t get the Highlander to do. THe whole process for the phones took less than 5 minutes. Speaker phone quality is good with the top up. With the top down the caller hears a lot of noise (some of which is the wind, the rest of it is me having a blast driving the car occasional whoops of delight).

Auto lights and auto windshield wipers are pretty neat.

Haven’t tried the navigation system yet will post another review on that later (as admittedly I am a GPS geek).

Overall impression: This is simply an amazing car to drive.






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