The strange things you remember about your children

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Two songs keep running through my had – one by Arlo Guthrie and the other is an old song I used to sing for the kids. Not sure why, although spending every day and night with the kids (other than escaping to work) for the past few days probably brings those songs to the top of mind. I used to sing a song to the boys and the bean before they went to sleep when they were little. Not sure how that tradition got started, I think it was the bean telling me I couldn’t read books to her anymore. Or it probably was trying to do some sort of every night ritual before bed to make that transition a little easier.

I think if I did it now they would kill me. But that is another story.

We’ve tried two wonderful restaurants in the Gaithersburg (Kentlands) area. Last night was seafood. The restaurant was great and 30% of our check went to support the local Habitat for Humanity chapter. It is nice to be in a place where fresh seafood doesn’t mean freshly frozen and placed on a jet to be to you in 48 or more hours. Fresh means it came off the boat yesterday and you eat it today! Even fresher fish when you head even closer to the ocean.

Speaking of oceans, when the boys were little we went on a cruise. Before we left the harbor in Miami, Nick was finishing an apple. He had eaten it down to the core so I threw it in the ocean. He looked at me, looked at the ocean and said “apple, ocean.” Every time we passed a large body of water (or large to a 3 year old at least) he would say “apple, ocean.” It is amazing the things you remember about your kids.


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