First full day in the new world

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First night spent in the new house in Maryland. It was a pleasant night – the new bed is very comfortable. Fran is happy as she has her couch back. She isn’t as happy about the amount of times she is being let out. Two accidents in three days for her -  is really something that hasn’t happened in nearly 10 years. I suspect Fran is telling us something. Its either we aren’t doing a good job letting her out, or she isn’t happy about the move overall.

Comcast can’t install a cable modem this week due the fact that the house was never wired for cable. Who has a house anymore that isn’t wired for high speed Internet? I checked – no FIOS and really only low speed DSL (not even one of their best packages). How do you live in our modern world without high speed Internet? I guess its going to be lots of time at the local coffee shop. (still have to get approval from the owners to even do the cable install as they have to run a cable from the neighbors house to our house).

I guess I could always head off to the office – but then I wouldn’t have the joy of unpacking. I’ve gotten six boxes (including all my clothes) today. I am heading down to the basement when my blog is done to start unpacking there. I need to find the remote for the dish receiver in the great room. Otherwise we have to use the manual method and that is slow at best.

Somehow a fly has worked its way into the house and is bugging me. Time to go unpack the fly swatter


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