Move in Checklist

My Amazon author page!!!!

Dish Network – set-up (missing one remote so can only use one TV)

Verizon – voicemail not active, phone not active

Internet – still waiting for approval to do the cable modem run. Verizon offers DSL, but only their 2nd lowest package.

House – 2000 boxes in, 12 unpacked so far.

Someday (figure right about the time the lease on the house is up) we will be unpacked.

I was/am looking for a new laptop. I need something with a little more zing in the video card department that is still portable. I love my ASUS 73 box – it is a workhorse for audio editing now (speaking of which I need to post  some new Fred and ed stories). The ASUS network remains my personal media player but again with no Internet (see above) that isn’t useful right now and finally there is my ASUS slate, which is a great creativity device but again doesn’t have the oomph for video.

So  new laptop.

  • I highly recommend
  • They are professional
  • Customer service focused
  • Build a great high quality box (I got my soaped up ASUS G73 from them)

Their web site is easy to use, and they offer a large variety of customizable laptops. I choose the MSI (my first non-ASUS in a long time). The configurator was easy to use and the sales representative called me within 45 minutes of my posting the order. I am looking forward to the box arriving and setting this bad boy up. Of course if I still don’t have Internet, well then its probably moot at that point.

The newer Intel chips are really amazing – low power consumption paired with very high computing power. It seems amazing to me the quality of the systems you can get now.

I will post a review of the device when it arrives.




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