Finding a window based dog door

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I spent time yesterday looking for a window based dog door. The back door is one of those French doors so there is no way to put in a temporary dog door. There is however a window on one end of the deck and her majesty doesn’t seem to mind overly much going through a window so a little research was in order.

I finally found one. I need to talk to them which I will do before ordering but it was amazing. You actually have to know how wide your dog is. They don’t allow for variables (width=how well her eyes work on whomever is eating at the time). They also have more than 20 different window sizes. Ah the joys of moving. Oh well. The new place is great and the neighborhood is fantastic. We don’t have to clean the pool or pay for lawn moving anymore (although I do miss our Lawn Guy Jeff Wagoner.

Blog Shout Outs:

Great companies to work with on the south side of Indianapolis (Greenwood/Southport area)

  • Karl’s heating and cooling
  • ABC Pools (Brian simply rocks)
  • Waggoner Lawn Care (Jeff is a great person – and does super work)
  • Kelly’s Cleaning (Kelly is an awesome person)

My wife has this great system for picking fantastic people and all of the above are her choices. So the other kudo goes to my wonderful wife. She is an amazing person.


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