Daddy don’t you walk so fast

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Have you ever noticed how some people walk? Not sure why it hit me today but as I was walking into work I saw three distinct walking styles. Loping – or what I would call the hunter walk. Measured, or what I would call the thinking man’s walk, and finally a more interesting walk that involved moving from side to side of the hall as though not sure which side to be on.

Human beings are such interesting creatures when you think about it. They live in a world where they walk in an uncomfortable upright fashion and within that world have so many different walking styles its nearly one to one (people to styles). There are people who literally walk as though they are climbing a mountain. I call them up-walkers. There are people who walk as though the weight of the world is on their shoulders (I call them drupe walkers).

We humans are an interesting collection of genetic mismatches.

I got six boxes unpacked yesterday against a goal of 10. That puts me a day behind already. I am never going to get all the boxes unpacked.


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