If only…




My Amazon author page!!!!




1 Xbox setup.

1 more box opened.

But now I am 13 boxes behind my goal. I am going to take a 1/2 day Friday to try and catch up. What is the point of setting a goal if you don’t at least try and hit it.

We walked down to the 5 Guys burger joint in the square for dinner last night. Its really kind of fun to be able to safely walk to the movies, dinner or for that matter even shopping. We had a blast last night meandering our way through the neighborhood on the way to dinner. Barb is taking the kids to the pool today (and to get their neighborhood id’s). Their (the kids) stolen days of extra summer are over Monday (and Tuesday) as all three head back to school.

When I was in school I hated school. If I only knew then what I know now, I would have reveled more in school. But as the famous quote goes “youth is wasted on the young.” Hindsight is such a glorious tool to consider.

Time to get rolling and get to work – loving the new job.

(interesting thing – watched a video about the impact of negativity in management – would LOVE TO show it to a large number of people. Let me just say there are many ways to solve problems and frankly negative is never one of them. Perhaps a compliment to start and then well say something nice.

If only I knew then what I know now.


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