The children of technology

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23 boxes behind the ship may be sinking faster than I can bail.

I am a child of technology. I caught the passion in first grade as we watched the initial launching of America’s space program. I remember thinking at age 14 how could it would be to have a briefcase that included: A phone, a printer, a computer and a calculator. Scary but now you just need two devices (a printstick and a cellular phone).

Which leads me to today, now at home in the new house for 6 days and loving it. But no internet. I am not sure when the internet became a must have but frankly it is, and it has.

TV’s, computers and virtually everything you use on a daily basis now relies on the internet for updates, additions and what-ever-else you need in your life.

Luckily we are all set with approval and all so we can hopefully have the internet before the weekend. Two in a row would be kind of tough to take frankly.

I am a child of technology.


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