Once more into the breach!




My Amazon author page!!!!




1854 steps in the morning to make coffee, bring coffee to wife (still in bed). Make breakfast, shower, dress and then head out to the car, drive and then walk to my office. I love fitbit. It really is a cool device.

I have been home with the family for the past 12 days running (the first three without Barb while she packed the old house). I can’t say how much it means to me to be around my kids all the time. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed that.

Internet arrived yesterday in a small white truck. We are back in civilization. Plus I can finally install all the updates I have been putting off since we left the hotel.

Phone arrived yesterday as well – we are now back in the world of the living!

I also got some boxes unpacked yesterday. IT was simply an amazing day. Just need to batten the hatches and prepare for Irene.  What if your favorite aunt was named Irene? Your mom and dad outside the house feverishly pounding nails into walls with boards attached to protect windows from high intensity winds. “Whatcha doing?” you innocently ask. You mother looks at you “Go back inside dear, Irene is coming and we have to get ready.”

Sorry my brain doesn’t work right – just ask my wife.

Anyway – another day, another process to complete.


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