Getting closer

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The morning of the edge our first hurricane. Barb and I have both felt the impact of hurricanes before (many of them made it to the middle of the US as tropical depressions. What does that mean? For three days you get tropics style rain (I remember that from Bangkok) and then you are depressed!

Got a lot done  the basement yesterday. 12 boxes (now I am only 21 behind my goal) and a ton of stuff put out in the right place. There are a number of missing items from the office, hopefully they turn up in the remaining boxes. We also can’t find our alarm clock and our phone which is another source of concern. We are using a different alarm clock (clock radio) so its not the soothing music we usually wake up to.

Dog door arrived yesterday. Dog didn’t like it. We even told her it was  a princess door. She didn’t care. Luckily they included dog treats with the door and we were able to get her to use it a couple of times. Sometimes however I wonder just who is training who. I think overall the dog is training us rather than us training the dog.

At the current unpacking rate I could be done by next weekend. Which is good, I would really like to go to the new MLK memorial early in September. What I have seen via video is simply amazing but then, the man was amazing his memorial should be a well.


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