Just another day in unpacking paradise




My Amazon author page!!!!




283 steps to go downstairs, mill around the kitchen, make coffee and take said coffee back upstairs to my wife. She likes her first cup or two of coffee in bed.

I updated my IPod yesterday and got all the wires ready to set-up the computers in the basement. Need to find two more things then I am done (one camera, one printer) as far as stuff I am missing. So far I’ve found just about everything I was missing when I started the process of unpacking Friday afternoon. I am going to be short on table space in the new office, but will figure a way around that.

We watched the fantastic movie “A beautiful mind” last night. It is truly a classic/wonderful movie about love and caring.

New Internet is up and running thanks to an exceptional tech from Comcast. The newer connection without the bad wire somewhere in my old house, is so much faster everyone can live on wi-fi.

Now I wonder if VOIP is an option. It wasn’t in my old house due to a wire issue somewhere in the house. Maybe it is now. Anyway – tons of boxes to unpack (already have 6 done this morning) perhaps we can even catch up with the original goal today.

For those of you following the exploits of the Stuborndor (or Fran as she was originally named) she will now use the door but prefers it when her human pets open the door first.

Oh well.


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