Ok thank you Irene for heading the other way…




My Amazon author page!!!!




560 steps for wife’s coffee and breakfast in bed. First day of school for the boys – they took off walking to school around 7:10 am. They are nearly men now – scary thought. First day of college for the bean. Amazing how mature she has become.

For the first time in a long time, someone dropped me off at work this am. The last time that happened was in Cincinnati when Barb dropped me off at work. That was more than 15 years ago. This morning my daughter dropped me off at work. It was a fun experience that have to say made me proud of her.

New goal for this week (1 box organized per day). I want to have my private cloud system back online by Thursday pm. Everything else is chugging along. Now it is just a matter of moving forward because thanks to Barb I got caught up on the boxes. Only a few boxes in the basement and setting up the home theatre remains.

Hurricane missed us which in the long run was a huge relief. We ended up rushing out for Chinese takeout around the time the storm was to hit us originally, all we got was some rain.

A lot to get done this week so signing off for now.

.doc (now earthquake and hurricane veteran).

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