Just another shameless review




My Amazon author page!!!!




Kind of reviewing the rules from years ago (I haven’t posted them in a long time)


  • If I hate an item or love an item I will review it.
  • I am more likely to review items I love than items I hate. I get tired of all the negative reviews out there. For example if you go back to day one of my technical blog (http://docandersen.wordpress.com) you will find the first few reviews are of Vonage. They sucked at that time so I reviewed them as horrible. For the most part I try for positive reviews so if you are interested you can make a good buying decision.
  • Just because I own something doesn’t mean I will review it. There are a lot of things that are just “good enough”
  • Some reviews have wishes for the application in the future.
  • I do not try to play favorites. I loved the Ipod when I worked for a company where that wasn’t popular.

Products that continue to make an impact day after day:

  • Asus (G73 gamer laptop and EP121 Slate)
  • Active Words I now have more than 300 commands on my laptop simply an amazing product.
  • Omnipage – great product continues to be the best OCR package for scanning.
  • HP Color Laser – what a great addition to the network (and a fantastic printer)
  • ASUS MT101 netbook (what a great media player, network router and all around good to have 32 bit windows 7 device)
  • Windows NT mode – I have four machines running it – frankly it solves a lot of application compatibility issues that I have at times with some of the older applications around.
  • Microsoft OneNote – what did I do before this?
  • Ipod Touch – simply a go to device on so many levels – and very useful all the way around!
  • Live Scribe Echo Smart Pen – it makes me smarter – which frankly is amazing!
  • Kindle – this device rocks and remains one of my go to devices.
  • Mini-Cooper S (if only we had the Navigation system working). What an amazing car.

Devices that just aren’t good yet (but have potential)

  • windows phone 7, I can’t say how disappointed I am in this device. I have been a loyalist and frankly feel like the device was a huge step back from the windows mobile devices. I am hoping that my hardware will support the new version of the OS and that its worth having. Otherwise its IPhone for me.
  • Open Office, it is still not there. I have it installed on a fairly decent computer and it just doesn’t cut the productivity requirements.
  • Blackberry Torch – so close – but still not there yet.


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