Another Shameless review…

My Amazon author page!!!!

Today’s review is of the new Kensington tablet pen. I love my Asus Tablet, but I also love my live scribe echo pen. I am a techno person, but for some reason the best notes I take are with pen and paper. The tablet get’s me close, but frankly the stylus just doesn’t have the look and feel of a pen.

I had found a great stylus/ball point pen for the Ipad online for taking notes. But so far had tried several different pens none of which really fit the bill for me in terms of what I was looking for. The Kensington Virtuoso Touch Screen Stylus and Pen (i.e., the Kensington 2nd Generation Stylus and Pen, as Amazon lists it Amazon link embedded above) is a great tool. I got the Stylus only – it works very well with my ASUS. I took notes in a meeting and overall my impressions were very good.

The “end” of the stylus is a little mushy and because of that you do have to write with larger letters in the beginning (although making them smaller with OneNote is quite easy). The handwriting recognition was decent with the pen (about the same as the included ASUS stylus) so not a lot to complain about.

The pen has weight (which is what I like) and feels like you are actually writing on paper. Overall I would say it’s a good value add if like me you have to have that pen feeling when taking notes. If not, the stylus preforms just as well (and you do get smaller overall text).

Not a must have item but certainly a good tool to include.


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