1976 Where were you?




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On my quest to 2000 blog posts I am passing the bicentennial year today (1976 posts). Additionally now more than 21,000 page views of my blogs averaging a little over 10 views per post. Of course take out the first 800 blogs and the views average shoots up to nearly 25 views average per post.

During those 1976 posts, I’ve posted from Maryland, Seattle, Chicago, Mexico City, Singapore, Kuala Lumpor, Beijing, Shanghai, Amsterdam and a number of other countries. I’ve posted from 30 of the 50 states. With nearly 2000 posts I won’t say they are all good – they aren’t. Many are stream of conscious posts about what is in my head that particular day. My other blog focuses more on a professional and relevant professional topics than this blog. This blog has featured poetry and many other forms of creative writings and musings.

This blog represents my catharsis, my personal journey of enlightenment. I’ve blogged about thoughts I’ve had about technology, reviews of technology and things that I am just thinking about. I’ve blogged about great events in my life and the lives around me. There are a few blogs like this one, when the blinking cursor laughs at my inability to come up with anything except a blog about my blog. There are days like that. That was the title of the very first book I ever wrote, and sold in 1993. “There are days you just want to go home.” A book that took me two years to write although it is the fictional account of 1 year in the life of a teacher.

I’ve published a few Random Thoughts as well over the years. Those came from my wife, she loves the old Jack Handy “Deep Thoughts.” segments of Saturday Night Live. Like Mr. Bill and the Pepsi, Pepsi, Chezburger skits now long ago memories of SNL.

The past is a child of the future, and the parent of the future at the same time. It is the path upon which we tread but ever so lightly, you don’t want to wake up memories that were put to bed a long time ago.



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