If you don’t like it, think about why…




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The Billy Joel song (At our Italian restaurant) is stuck in my head.

My new laptop is days away (UPS says it will arrive next Thursday.) That is very exciting. If I can only finish the basement and get the living room setup by then life will be complete. I’ve managed a box a day so far, but the hard part (putting the network back together including my lab and setting up the home theater) is still to be done.

Sitting in the kitchen (not the best ergonomic place but comfortable) drinking coffee and prepping for a 1/2 day off. Seems nice to head into the long weekend early. I am loving the new job. I don’t have to deal with all the negative people I had to in the past. People are open to ideas and concepts and willing to talk about everything. If it isn’t a good idea, we simply move on. There is no recrimination or blasting of people. When ideas don’t work they don’t work.

Labor day is an interesting holiday. We celebrate out countries history of labor (if you think about the pictures form the 1900’s as labor started saying things like – you can’t treat us like that we are going to unionize – and the union busters, literally beating people into a pulp). We as a country have a very interesting past. I always tell my friends from Europe to think about America before they critique us. Besides the more realistic reality of us saving them in the last 100 years, a number of times there is a larger issues involved in this. Europe divested itself of the ethical reality of America (and then again Australia but that was much later in the process). They took all the people they didn’t want and sent them to one place I guess so that in the end they could make fun of us. So, oh well. You send everyone you don’t like to one place, leave them alone for 100 years and then come back – I suspect you won’t like what you get.

To those who gave so that we could live my thanks.


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