Mr. Young, thank you for 25+ years of personal musical entertainment!

My Amazon author page!!!!

Neil Young in the background (LP thank you very much) and 1/2 an office set-up. Still missing a couple of things (AR Drone – the boys want to get back to flying stuff and my bamboo tablet – which is really a great tool for writing/drawing without a tablet.)

I started listening to Neil Young in 1972. There were three songs that they played on Armed Forced radio (out of Saigon) and we managed to get the rebroadcast of that from Udapo (spelling – sorry about that) air force base. Satisfaction by the rolling stones, alone again naturally by Gilbert O’SUllivan and Heart of Gold by Neil Young. I got into his earlier stuff in the late 70’s and was hooked by the 80’s. He has been my favorite song writer since then. There are so many of his songs that just speak to me. I found my heart of gold. I struggle with the world around me. But Neil is always there and it helps. I realized the other day that I have every CD he has ever made. I even have several different live CD’s from various concerts around the world that are simply amazing. The record industry  should be glad I am a customer – I buy all his stuff!

Listed  a bunch of stuff on eBay yesterday. I am really frustrated with their new payment policies and really not sure what to do. The people most impacted by their overall policy changes are the ones who can leave. I have 100’s of positive auction feedback’s left.  I started selling stuff on-line on the old America On-line forums and even sold stuff on the old Yahoo auctions for awhile. In all those years I have only had one negative rating (while on Yahoo) and over 300 positive ratings.

Lab is back up – and I am updating computers. At the rate I am going I should easily be done by next weekend! Then I can rebuild the lab so that Barb can use it from her practicum as a private cloud.

Time to get back to cleaning!


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