Friday Ramblings

My Amazon author page!!!!

So today I am driving a loaner car. The only issue I have with it? It has the dealers logo and advertising all over it. I guess its what you get for free.  It also doesn’t have Sirius/XM radio but I can live without that addition for a couple of days.

Got to drive across Maryland yesterday which was interesting. I suspect there is much yet to discover here.

Tonight is assemble the home theatre night. I think I have everything I need but I am not 100% sure of that. We shall find out as we begin the final stages tonight.

As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11 my heart goes out to all who lost someone that day. I’ve met so many people in the past ten years who were directly impacted by that event. I was at the site on 9/11/2006 and the site was haunting and sad. In times of great sadness there isn’t much you can do except help those who fell and those left behind.



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