Shameless Review

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OK, I will acknowledge up front that I am a weather geek. I wish there was an easy explanation for why (sadly there isn’t). I am a huge weather fan. I actually found the perfect weather device for me a few years ago, and recently upgraded it for even more use. I am a huge fan of the portable weather systems you can get, and frankly the Kestrel is the best I’ve found (I’ve used a few).

Knowing what the weather is can help you, knowing what the weather will be, is even better.


  • Kestrel’s systems are well built molded plastic
  • They are water proof (which you would think was a requirement for a weather station)
  • You can get wind speed, barometer, altimeter and temperature
  • Wind direction and rainfall amounts are not as easy – although since it is portable the rainfall amount is less relevant. Wind direction you can get with an add on.
  • You can also connect the device to your PC to offload the collected data and track things over time.
  • Battery life is good!

What could be improved

  • Connectivity to the PC – you have to do a device to serial and then serial to USB conversion to connect the device to your pc

The things to consider with a portable weather station is frankly what you are using it for, and what type of batteries it uses. Its really hard to find specialty or rechargeable batteries. The Kestrels all use AA batteries so its easy to carry a couple of spares. I’ve gotten 16 hours of continuous use (OK I forgot to turn it off and left it on the desk)out of a set of AA batteries.

All in all if you are looking to get weather information into your house and your palm – this is the way to go.

(only the 4000 series or higher of the Kestrel can actually connect to your PC).



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