I would, really




My Amazon author page!!!!




If I could, I would.

The phone guy came yesterday (two days early) and we now have working phones (well all but the bedroom and guest room). The funny thing is, all the jacks were wired wrong the same way. how does that happen? normally the same person wired the jacks.

Need to get rolling on the day – I need to get the basement finished.

It is scary but the dog has trained one of the boys (luke) to get up on Saturday and make her pancakes. Fran’s favorite foods in order:

  1. Popcorn
  2. Steak
  3. Pancakes
  4. Ice Cream
  5. Frozen Yogurt
  6. Anything people are eating

So she has trained him to make her pancakes. Sometimes I wonder if maybe being a dog isn’t in the end a more evolved life than humans have. I think popcorn is only number one because well it was Gwen’s favorite thing on earth. She loved catching popcorn in mid air. I miss Gwen. But then I miss a lot of things from the past. I guess that is part of getting older.


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