Sunday, that’s my fun day :-)

My Amazon author page!!!!

Yesterday was update device day (while working on cleaning the basement). you have to many devices when it takes more than an hour to update everything. Actually it is not possible to have to many gadgets. Its just possible you don’t have enough space and need to expand to a larger gadget hosting facility Smile

We hit the diner for dinner last night. They actually had a pretty decent band playing outside so we enjoyed dinner and music outside. It was a lot of fun, the band played music from the 60’s and 70’s. It really is a wonderful experience to be able to walk to dinner, hear live music and just relax, without having to rush to the car, park and then rush home in the car.

We ended up walking to the Main Street Café for desert. All in all a wonderful restful evening.

Today is get shelves up and see what I can do to bring a little closure to the basement issue.

onward and upward…


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