Random Thoughts :-)




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A few random thoughts:

  • It feels like we are on vacation – I keep thinking we are going home to Indiana. Moving is such a hard thing to handle.
  • Moneyball is about a team without money trying to play baseball, but it is also a slice in time movie about how human beings deal with expectations and failure.
  • I am missing one charger from the move. How is that possible?
  • Moving is painful.
  • Unpacking is more painful.
  • Oh yeah, I hate unpacking.
  • Its fun to live in a place where people are outdoors more than where we were before.
  • I can’t wait to go to Mt. Vernon again, it was a highlight trip for me as  a child.
  • Sometimes I wonder –
  • Found my ZuneHD av doc – now I can play my music at work!

Sundays are fun days. I measure the fun by how many quarters of football is get to watch. Yesterday, 2 minutes of the 3rd quarter of one game so I suspect I was either busy, or it was a good day.


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