The view from the back never changes…

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The blinking white cursor on a background of blue. I’ve been staring at that cursor this am. You have a good idea. You don’t have a good idea on and off over and over until well there is nothing but staring at the blinking cursor.

A blinking cursor that lies behind a couple of hundred words I have used the delete key to remove over and over again trying to find a voice or for that matter something to say that wasn’t inane or pointless (like this whole last section).

The path to personal freedom lies on the road ahead.

The dreams we pursue are the right dreams.

Today may not be your day but there is always tomorrow.

I sued to go to the store and type on blank pieces of paper left in the demonstration typewriters? Why? The blank page there killed me. It consumed everything in me that it was there. Not that I had something of importance to say – just that it was there and blank staring back at me. A yet to be composed epic work that because it was blank would never be found.

I signed those Sandler Boggs. Little snippets that filled a line, but turned that blank page into something with writing. No more empty page. Just like this blog fills this page, filled by Sandler Boggs with no regard for value or interest, just filled. Empty words poured bending a cruel blinking cursor that cares not for meaning or dreams only that it is ready and waiting for something, anything to fill the screen.

When you are the lead dog, the view always changes.


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